"Art speaks where words are unable to explain."

A peek into heaven.

Sometimes I wish I just could tear away the grey clouds,
And have a peek in heaven.
Just to see you for one brief moment…
To see if you ‘re okay now,
To see if you ‘re free from pain.
Just to see you
Once again.
To see your beautiful face.
To see your beautiful wings, because you earned them.
My sweet angel.
My sweet hero.
My sweet Hiro.
I love you.



I am torn.
Torn between my love and my grief.
My love for my beautiful Ziva,
my sweet princess.
My grief for my sweet Hiro,
my hero, my angel,
looking down on me from heaven.
I am torn,
loving my princess Ziva,
screaming for my sweet Hiro in heaven,
who will live forever in my heart.

Play with me.

Please mummy
Please come down and play with me.
Autumn is setting in, but the leaves cannot fall on the ground
as long as you’re up there.
Please come down and play with me.
Don’t be sad,
because I am still here.
I will be here for you.
I will love you…
And forever.


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