The Magic of the Reveal Wall:
A New Dimension in Photography



The Magic of the Reveal Wall: A New Dimension in Photography
Today I'm sharing with you a milestone in my photography adventure - the very first reveal on the Reveal Wall at Anja Maesen Photography! 
A Total Experience from Beginning to End
At Anja Maesen Photography, we strive to not only capture beautiful images, but also create an unforgettable experience for our clients. From the moment the shoot is booked, we take our clients on a journey through an online catalog. Here they can choose from an array of colors, outfits for the newborn, props to put the baby in and beautiful dresses for the mom. A comprehensive guide fully prepares them for the newborn shoot.
Time and Attention to Safety and the Perfect Shot
During the photo session, we take ample time to make sure the baby is comfortable, resulting in relaxed and beautiful photos. Our approach is focused on creating high-end photography that captures the essence of the moment.
With years of experience and specific training in baby photography, Anja ensures a safe and comfortable photo shoot for your little one. Her first aid course focused on babies enhances her ability to make each session safe.
Anja possesses not only the necessary experience, but also the patience to carefully position your baby for the perfect photo. During the shoot, she always asks one of the parents to stay close, so that your little one is constantly in safe hands. again, you can see this on the Behind the Scenes video on the Home page.
The Unveiling - A Magical Moment
After the shoot, the time has come for the unveiling. This is not just any event; it is an experience in itself. Clients wait tensely in front of a curtain, full of anticipation to see their professional printing. Albums, wall decorations and other photo products are unveiled, and I share in their emotions as they see their beautiful artwork in tangible form for the first time.
A Sneak Peek of the Magic
To give you a taste of this revealing experience, I made a short video.


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The Reveal Wall is not just a physical structure, but a bridge between the digital world of the photo shoot and the tangible splendor of professional printing. It is a celebration of the art of photography and a tribute to the special moments we capture together.
Thank you to all my amazing clients who share this journey with me. You make it possible to make these dreams come true. 
Stay tuned for more reveals and stories from the Anja Maesen Photography journey!