All the answers to your questions regarding your newborn shoot

I forgot to book a newborn, is it too late?
It's never too late to have your baby photographed. However, it is important to know what to expect.
Curled up sleeping newborn photos are never guaranteed but usually achievable with babies under 2 weeks old. A 6-week-old baby may be sleeping during the session and may be partially awake, but may not be able to curl up in womb position or may not want to be wrapped. We believe that babies can be photographed at any age.
What if my baby doesn't sleep?
Many babies do not sleep during their shoot. Some are awake the whole session!!! We can normally take beautiful photos anyway, especially when they are wrapped!
What if my baby cries?
Babies are babies and they will cry! We do everything we can to comfort them and surround them with a comfortable environment.
Anja has gone through several specific workshops, she has a lot of experience and she has many comforting techniques and good tips.
What if we don't obtain a single great photo?
Will I then get a refund or a new shoot?
Anja has a reputation for being able to obtain a successful and varied gallery of newborn photos, even with a difficult baby. We will make every effort to obtain beautiful newborn photos and to comfort and soothe your baby, fully wrapped if necessary.
In case it is really impossible to photograph your baby, we will discuss options during the shoot.
Feel free to watch the "Behind the Scenes" video on the home page.
How many pictures do we get?
Sessions last between 1 (Ienimini) and 4 hours and the number of photos taken depends entirely on how cooperative the baby is during the transition of poses. Normally the package is chosen in advance by the client, but one can upgrade the package if everything goes smoothly and thus if we have more photos than anticipated.
Can we get parents pictures, and with our other children, or with our dog?
Please review the packages. We have sessions with the baby alone, but also for family photos. So if you want the parents, sister or brother or other family members included, please choose this package.
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My baby was just circumcised, can we still come?
If the baby heals well, then yes. Most babies heal completely before their shoot. Many parents use Vaseline or another gel prescribed by the doctor to heal. We will keep the area protected and we do not take naked photos anyway.
If your baby has had a later circumcision, your baby can still do the shoot and all the normal precautions will be done. Feel free to bring this up during the shoot. We want you to be fully involved in the process.
My baby still has the umbilical cord, is it OK to take pictures?
Yes! Most babies still have their umbilical cord, it usually takes 2 weeks for it to fall off. Some babies even lose it during the shoot! We always keep the diaper on anyway and cover the umbilical cord so it doesn't get on the fabric. We are very careful with newborns and we are aware that aftercare is very important.
What if my toddler won't cooperate?
Kids are kids, and we do our best to work with them at any age. We do have some tricks and possibly, with your approval, we can promise them a reward if they have nice pictures taken.
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Will the photos be edited? My baby has a rash and my toddler has a scratch on his face!
Yes, all photos are always edited! We always Photoshop out temporary issues such as red feet, rashes, jaundice, flakes on the hands and feet, etc... Other issues such as a birthmark or mole we leave in place because it stays for life and is part of the baby.
How soon can we see the pictures?
We always try to show a preview of 1 or 2 finished photos on the same day.
After this, we will take our time to edit the rest of the gallery and you will receive the photos digitally within 1-2 weeks.